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Below you will find real comments from real peopleā€¦ But first, a huge "Thank You" goes out to all of you who took a few minutes of your time to give us the feedback that fills this page. Your comments really help people get to know the type of business we operate, and the kind of people we are, and for that we are extremely grateful. We love having you as customers!

A short note to any new clients considering using Anointed Press Graphics, Inc. I had been dealing with two incompetent printing companies for well over three months. They both had an excuse for this and for that as to why they hadn't gotten to my project yet.

Finally, in my search for a business who would take my project on, I was divinely led to Karen at The Anointed Press Graphic. Well to keep this short, I now have my project done and in my hands, and it only took her two weeks! Praise The Lord!

Marilyn B., Author & Ministry Gift

Anointed Press Graphics, Inc., is TRULY anointed! I'm so thankful to lend my baby (my book) to this reliable organization. I don't trust many, but, Anointed Press has exceeded my expectations, picky is an understatement when describing myself. So, to actually be satisfied in all aspects, is relievingā€¦ I'd challenge you to give APGI any challenge, watch for nothing but success!!

Princess Laya, Author

Thank you so much for making me look like a real professional and not someone doing this as a hobby.  You have created such an amazing logo and design for my business cards and brochures.  I can proudly pass out my marketing material without wondering if people are going to take me seriously.  I am glad I attending your branding seminar.

Shelley N. Mickens, Serene Event Planning & Design

I've always had a clear vision about what I wanted for the business, but trying to relate my vision to others while bringing it to life has been difficult. When I gave you those guidelines, you gave me a product that I haven't stop smiling about. While I might be a little fish in the big business world, you made me look like a giant. You created materials beyond my wildest imagination. Thank you, because it's your business publication that sets the tone for the image of a business.

Romelia Kemp, President, DJ Liability, Property Protectors

 Karen Presley (APGI) has brought a welcome professionalism, integrity and cost consciousness to her printing and publishing endeavors. We have been more than satisfied with her efforts on our behalf and highly recommend her customer-sensitive skills to all who demand a quality product.

Rev. James M. Hutchens, Ph.D., Chaplain (Brigadier General) US Army (Ret.)

President, The Jerusalem Connection Intl

The Lord led me to Anointed Press Publishers (APP) and I'm glad that I obeyed Him. I was new to the world of publishing and this was my first book. APP was quite professional and led me through the process of getting my book published. I was consulted on every detail and was able to make the decisions on how I wanted my book to look. I have spoken to several people about APP and have recommended them to seek APP's services.
Stephanie Long-Scott, Author , Moments in our Lives

My first experience with having a book printed and Karen Presley at Anointed Press made it an awesome experience! Rapid responses to my every question, ideas when I was unsure and a beautifully printed book completed before the promised time. I am currently working on a larger project and look forward to another excellent experience !
Rosemary Harmon

Thank you for the excellent service you provided and your professionalism in doing business. You were easy to work with and you knew exactly what I needed, which made the decision making much easier. The designs were beautiful and everyone loved them. Thanks for the creativity and the quality of work!

Dr. Mike Kaufman, Chief School Director, KIDS 1, Inc.

My Christian publishing search began with another publishing company and a process that extended over 12 months. But I am grateful to Anointed Press Publishers, who with compassion, precision, guidance, and integrity printed my first book in fewer than 4 months.There were no delays to overcome, no hidden agendas to discover, no fine print to read. What a blessed beginning but I am excited for the greater glory that is to come!

Vestinia Bridges, Author The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation I, II, III

NHSSI has used the services of APGI for a little of 3 years and has always been pleased with the quality service and customer care given. APGI's expert advice not only affords us the opportunity to stay within our budget, but it also ensured we got a quality that met and exceeded our expectations.
Shaun T. McGill, Executive Director, NHSSI

With Anointed Press Publishers, my first publishing experience was easy, fast and no hassle. Unlike online services, I experienced professional service with a personal touch. I felt like I had a coach during this process. Thanks.

CJ Gross, Author The Parent Connection

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you and your company for your very active participation in my recent endeavor to open a gym. When I first started looking for a company, I was undecided on whom to use, but after speaking with you and looking through your samples, my decision was made. Your skills and creativity have been most professional, especially in dealing with a short deadline.
Daniel A. Strong, Owner, Strong Fitness

"I really enjoyed my book publishing experience with Anointed Press Publishers. Their attention to detail and willingness to make adjustments for my hectic schedule allowed me to accomplish my publishing goals in a very timely fashion."

J Moss, Author LIFE In The Body of Christ